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The CPNRE® Predictor Test is a two-hour online test, consisting of 85 multiple-choice questions, designed to help gauge how ready you are to take the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination (CPNRE®). Using the CPNRE® Predictor Test will help you review and integrate the concepts you have learned in your practical nursing program and provide you with an assessment of your skills in applying that knowledge. 

After you complete the CPNRE® Predictor Test, you will be able to review your Performance Profile to identify areas of performance strength and weakness. The Performance Profile provides the following:

  • Your score on the CPNRE® Predictor Test;
  • Your probability of passing the CPNRE®;  and
  • Your score in each of the competency categories, cognitive levels and client age categories tested by the CPNRE®. This allows you to determine which areas you need to focus your studying.

The questions on the CPNRE® Predictor Test have been used on previous administrations of the CPNRE® and were created using the same examination development methods. The CPNRE® Predictor Test reflects the current CPNRE® Blueprint used to create the CPNRE®. The CPNRE® Predictor Test is available in English and French. You will be able to select the language when you start the test. 

What you get when you purchase the CPNRE® Predictor Test:

  • One (1) assessment code allowing you to log in to the CPNRE® Predictor Test. Once you have logged into the test, you must complete the test within the specified two-hour timeframe;
  • A Performance Profile will be available once you have completed the CPNRE® Predictor Test;
  • How To Guide for Taking the CPNRE® Predictor Test (in English & French).

The assessment code is available for one time login only, for a period of two hours, for six (6) months from the time of purchase. 

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